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  • Most “Business to Customer” Vape Mail to be Banned by April

    The PACT Act amendment passed on December 28th 2020, as part of the Omnibus Spending Bill, has forced the USPS to stop most, if not all, Business to Customer ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) shipments. FedEx and UPS have gotten on board due to potential liability, and as of April, most online vapor products retailers will be forced to stop shipping products directly to customers.

    There are avenues to continue shipping, though most small shippers will be forced to stop shipping due to onerous regulations. Online shippers will be required to file reports to every state and local tax jurisdiction for every shipment, for over 16,000 different tax jurisdictions. Online stores would be required to maintain an updated list of all jurisdictions, register with every one of them, and send monthly reports to every jurisdiction to which they sent a product.

    The difficulty of finding a small shipper that would handle low volume shipments is high. The additional difficulty in reporting all shipments makes it almost an impossibility for any but the largest corporations. Registration for all jurisdictions prior to shipment is nearly impossible in the remaining time, and all registration must be done prior to shipping.

    Ultimately, I believe this is the end of the “Vape Mail” we have all come to look forward to. Our local governments are too invested in the tax money they receive from local businesses, and aren’t too happy about not collecting taxes from products purchased out of their local tax jurisdiction.

    A Perfect Vape is looking at alternatives to handle our (and your!) shipping needs; at our online sales volume, we believe a solution is unlikely. The onerous demands of filing with 16,000+ local tax authorities and the monthly reporting requirements are likely beyond our means. We will continue to monitor the situation and work towards solutions, but we aren’t optimistic.

    We are especially upset that our overseas customers will have limited access to vapor products of any kind. APO shipping is handled almost exclusively through the USPS, who has stated that they will no longer accept vapor product shipments. This appears to be the end of overseas vapor product shipping.

    We will keep you updated as the situation evolves, but we urge each of you to begin looking at local options for your future needs.

    — A Perfect Vape

  • Colorado Nicotine Tax added to checkout

    Unfortunately, due to the passing of Amendment EE, all products sold in Colorado are subject to the new Colorado Nicotine Tax. There will be a new per bottle tax added during checkout. We are sorry it has come to this, but apparently the people of Colorado believed it was a good idea to tax themselves. Since it is also illegal to ship products into Colorado, our State Government now has a captive audience.

  • Shipping is not available inside Colorado

    Colorado State law prevents us from shipping inside the state. Please verify that you are able to pick your product up in our store prior to completing an order for Local Pickup.

  • Restricted shipping states:

    Currently, due to State Laws, We can not ship to the following states:
    Arkansas, Maine, Utah, Vermont, Colorado, California, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York. We are very sorry. We wish we could. Please choose the Local Pickup option on checkout (It should be the only option available) and pick up your order from the store.

    Adult Signatures are required for shipping to the following states. There will be an additional charge on checkout:
    Delaware, Texas, Iowa, Virginia, North Dakota, Nevada, South Carolina, Massachusetts.

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