• Hohm Tech Batteries now available!

    We have received a small stock of Hohm Tech batteries, which are specifically designed for vaping. You’ll find these by searching for Hohm, or under the batteries dropdown.

    We expect available quantities to increase as shipments arrive! 20700 batteries will be available in 10 days or so!

    Enjoy the best batteries available in the industry for your vaping device!




  • New Lower Prices on Premium E-Liquid!

    Check out our new lower prices on our A Perfect Vape Premium Line E-Liquids! We’ve decided to lower ourĀ  premium e-liquid line prices to give more people a chance to enjoy our premium juices at lower prices!

    These e-liquids are cleaner than your average juice, specifically designed to make coils last longer, while not sacrificing flavor or cloud production.

    All of the APV Premium Line juices are manufactured in a FDA approved facility that fully supports cGMP.


    Check them out today at prices almost as low as our House Juice line.

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