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Colorado Nicotine Tax added to checkout

Unfortunately, due to the passing of Amendment EE, all products sold in Colorado are subject to the new Colorado Nicotine Tax. There will be a new per bottle tax added during checkout. We are sorry it has come to this, but apparently the people of Colorado believed it was a good idea to tax themselves. Since it is also illegal to ship products into Colorado, our State Government now has a captive audience.

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Restricted shipping states:

Currently, due to State Laws, We can not ship to the following states:
Arkansas, Maine, Utah, Vermont, Colorado, California, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York. We are very sorry. We wish we could. Please choose the Local Pickup option on checkout (It should be the only option available) and pick up your order from the store.

Adult Signatures are required for shipping to the following states. There will be an additional charge on checkout:
Delaware, Texas, Iowa, Virginia, North Dakota, Nevada, South Carolina, Massachusetts.